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Christmas is a magical time of year. The most excellent approach to commemorate the occasion is to spend it with the entire family. So, gather everyone and embark on a spectacular Christmas adventure to the stunning Gold Coast.

The city of Gold Coast is home to several family-friendly attractions with plenty of entertainment that you would not want to miss. The annual Christmas celebration at Warner Bros. Movie World is one of the must-attend events.

White Christmas

The event is called White Christmas, and it takes place on various nights throughout December at the Gold Coast theme park, which provides a range of seasonal events for everyone to enjoy. The most anticipated one is the White Christmas Parade.

The parade incorporates festive decorations, stunning lights, heartwarming music, and the theme park’s beloved Warner Bros. characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and Sylvester, as well as Christmas icons like Santa and Mrs Claus, riding their gorgeous floats.

Aside from the White Christmas Parade, there are also Christmas precincts to be excited about.

Christmas Tree Precinct

Warner Bros. Movie World always decorates their Christmas tree with a stunning and amusing display. If you want to take a lovely Christmas family portrait, here is the place to go.

Christmas Corner Precinct

They added a new precinct called the Christmas Corner last year. You can meet and greet your favourite characters while listening to some Christmas carols. Make sure to take pictures to remember this wonderful evening.

Santa’s Village

The youngsters would love to meet Santa and Mrs Claus. So, make it a point to pay a visit to Santa’s Village to see them. Also, make sure they know what they want for Christmas so they can respond right away when Santa asks. Mrs Claus will, by the way, be telling a story to the children.

Fairy Tree House

Apart from Santa, children also like fairies! A sizeable glittering tree, home to fantastical fairies, can be found in the heart of the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone. How many fairies do you think you will see? A little note, there are specific alterations in this precinct to ensure that physical distancing is maintained.

Kids’ WB! Fun Zone

Take the kids for a ride if they are tired of walking. At the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone, there are six Looney Tunes rides. Don’t be worried. The rides are suitable for children of all ages. Each ride only provides a mild level thrill. The Looney Tunes Carousel, Junior Driving School, Roadrunner Rollercoaster, Speedy Gonzales’ Tijuana Taxis, Sylvester and Tweety Cages, and Yosemite Sam Railroad are among the attractions.

Other White Christmas Experiences

Apart from the precincts, White Christmas at Warner Bros. Movie World provides a variety of other spectacular experiences, beginning with The Polar Express!

Whether or not you have seen the computer-animated Christmas musical adventure film released in 2004, The Polar Express 4-D adventure will transport you to the North Pole in a unique way. Unlike traditional theatres, the chairs in this one move in sync with the action, and there are timed air bursts and water spray effects.

And if the pictures you captured at the precincts are not enough, make a reservation for a Christmas dinner. Mrs Claus’ Christmas Feast is a delightful family experience that includes a delicious meal served by Mrs Claus. Also, be prepared for her buddies to come up to you and say hello. Oh, and the kids will get a Christmas present, too. And, of course, you will walk away with a digital family portrait as a souvenir!

Book your beachfront accommodation Gold Coast early!

Since it is a big holiday, plan everything carefully to ensure that all goes smoothly. Because you have already decided on a Christmas destination and the activities, do not forget to book your lodging early.

Golden Sands on the Beach, an absolute beachfront accommodation Gold Coast, is a short drive from Warner Bros. Movie World. So, in addition to a White Christmas, you’ll get to stay at a beachfront accommodation Gold Coast Australia.

It means you have direct beach access and may enjoy the sun at any time on Main Beach or Surfers Paradise Beach. However, don’t forget to bring your beach umbrella, beach towels, camp chair, and sunscreen.

It will not be an issue if you wish to stay in the lodging. The onsite amenities at Golden Sands on the Beach are excellent, including a heated outdoor swimming pool. Cool off by swimming a few laps, playing water games with the kids, or relaxing on the poolside sun loungers with a good book.

Want to unwind a little more? After a workout, relax in the warm spas or recover in the steam room. Yes, there is a fully equipped gym on the premises. Do you prefer to work out by participating in sports? Use the full-size tennis court to your advantage.

Beach Apartments with Golden Sands

Golden Sands on the Beach will not let you down when it comes to lodging. There are several two- and three-bedroom apartments to choose from, including:

  • 2 Bedroom Oceanfront SE
  • 2 Bedroom Oceanfront SE Deluxe
  • 2 Bedroom Oceanfront NE
  • 2 Bedroom Oceanfront NE Deluxe
  • 2 Bedroom Beachfront NE Superior Deluxe
  • 2 Bedroom Beachview
  • 2 Bedroom Beachview Deluxe
  • 3 Bedroom
  • 3 Bedroom Deluxe

And no matter what options you choose, you’ll be greeted by a gleaming beach and a breathtaking view of the ocean. That isn’t all, though. Each unit is fully furnished and equipped with everything you might require. Air conditioning, a living and dining space, and a fully furnished full-size kitchen with a dishwasher are all included. 

In addition, a Foxtel TV, WiFi, and direct access to a big private balcony. Each unit also comes with a modern bathroom with a walk-in shower. There are also laundry facilities, along with a washer and dryer.

Are you ready to make a reservation? You have the option of selecting your rooms by visiting Golden Sands on the Beach.